5 Tips For Choosing the Right Shades

Consumers searching for window shades have more choices in today’s marketplace than ever before. We’ve assembled our 5 favorite tips using the feedback of our manufacturers, our designers and our customers to help shoppers make the best decision.

Tip #1 Light and Privacy

The experts agree when it comes to buying shades, the biggest mistake people make is neglecting the first fundamental of selecting any window treatment: does it let in the right amount of daylight while providing the right level of privacy for the actual use of the room?

Light diffusion is where many types of shades excel beyond other window treatments. Shades that diffuse penetrating sunlight are perfect for spaces where the rising or setting sun creates unwelcome harshness in a space. Hunter Douglas Silhouette® was created with light diffusion in mind, and might be the perfect choice in your breakfast nook or home office.

Variable light control is another hallmark of many designs of shades. Hunter Douglas Reveal® with Magnaview® is just one of many products available that offers control of the amount of light that passes through the closed shade, while still providing privacy and other benefits that cannot be easily achieved with drapes or shutters.

Tip #2 Value

With the possible exception of plantation shutters, professionally installed throughout your home, it is difficult to view the purchase of window treatments as an investment with a potential for return when you sell your property. Fortunately, smart choices in less expensive shades and blinds can save heating and cooling costs, provide comfort security, reduce outdoor noise and allow us to make the most of every space.

The best tip for working within a budget is to choose the right product for each application, and to choose materials and colors that complement your style, especially in the spaces where you spend the most time. Woven wooden shades, like Hunter Douglas Provenance®, are one of the latest trends in window coverings, and for some very good reasons. They will make a strong statement and provide decades of service in spaces where their distinctive light diffusing properties add to the enjoyment of the space. Hunter Douglas Applause®, by comparison, provides semi-opaque and opaque fabric options and sound absorption that will make your home theater the talk of the town.

Tip #3 Ease of care and maintenance

Do your kids play rough around your favorite French doors? Do you live in a dusty climate? Are your clerestory windows too high to reach easily with a vacuum attachment? These kinds of questions are important considerations when choosing the right shades. Hunter Douglas provides a comprehensive Care and Cleaning Chart to help you make an informed choice.

Tip #4 Form and Function

Work with a professional designer from Fine Shadings & Decor if you don’t trust yourself to pick colors, patterns or textures you will like in the long run. Serving Miami and the surrounding area, their experienced designers use several approaches to evaluate your personal style, and your tolerance for bold choices.

Most operating systems for shades are built for specific applications, and Hunter Douglas provides all of the most popular systems, and several exclusive solutions that, when carefully applied, will make you wonder how you ever managed without them.

Tip #5 Safety

If you have small children, you should be aware of the risks attributed to some corded window covering systems. Hunter Douglas provides standard and optional safety features on all of its shades and blinds that can eliminate the safety hazards associated with traditional pull-cord designs. Knowing your options is the key to choosing the right shades with confidence.