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Using Neutral Colors for Bold, Modern Design

Using neutral colors can be anything but neutral. From bold blacks to crisp whites to the rich legacy of natural wood tones, the shades that make up the neutral color palette are dynamic and varied. Here are three great ways to go about using neutral colors for window treatments as part of modern interior design.

Window treatments using neutral colors for bold, modern interior design near Miami, Florida (FL)


Most natural wood tones fall within the tan and brown section of the neutral color palette, and natural wood window treatments, like plantation shutters, have long been popular in traditional décor. However, wood toned window treatments are also perfect for modern designs like mid-century modern or Bohemian because of the color's warm tones and the innovative new textile options made from natural woods.

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades are one example of window treatments that are using neutral colors and wooden elements, but with a more flowing aesthetic than traditional wood shutters or blinds. Like the grain of wood, the weave of wood shades provides texture and depth, and these types of Hunter Douglas woven wood shades are especially popular in modern designs that capitalize on the use of natural elements to bring the spacious feeling of the outdoors inside.


Black is arguably the boldest neutral tone; not only because of its dark hue, but also because of the way it naturally contrasts with most other colors. And while some might steer away from using neutral colors that are so bold, black is actually a highly useful design tool for multiple aesthetics from contemporary eclectic to modern industrial depending on how the room is stylized. Black is also a great color for modern designs that use color to envelope a room (such as having black wood floor and walls painted black) as the shade hides sharp corners giving the illusion of endless space.

Black drapery is one fun way of using neutral colors on the darker end of the spectrum because fabric adds depth and texture to a room and can carry dark hues without losing detail.  Design Studio™ Side Panels & Drapery from Hunter Douglas feature drapes, curtains, and side panels made from exclusive lines of high-quality, fashion-forward designer fabrics. Whether you’re looking for a rich, solid black material or a bold pattern or print, you can find the perfect fabric for your custom black drapes in the Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ collection.


White is sometimes thought of as a background color; the simple, uncomplex bookend on the neutral spectrum opposite black. However, as G.K. Chesterton says, “ not a mere absence of color; it is a shining and affirmative thing as fierce as red, as definite as black...” Used skillfully, white can unite a room’s theme, brighten design, or highlight design features; which is why it’s used in almost all interior design (in either a major or minor role) from modern minimalistic to French country chic.

White plantation shutters are a great example of a traditional design element that has been modernized by this neutral color. The clean lines of plantation shutters combined with the crispness of the color white makes this window treatment feel clean and unencumbering. Hunter Douglas NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters combine the traditional construction of planation shutters with new age materials available in a variety of colors (including different shades of white) for a modern window treatment using neutral colors that is both functionable and design forward.

Contact Fine Shadings & Décor to talk about the power and allure of neutral colors in modern interior design. Whether you’re looking for bold, black treatments, crisp and clean white options, or the enduring beauty of window shades in rich browns and tans; Fine Shadings & Decor has what you're looking for. Visit the showroom near Miami, Florida, or contact them today to schedule your consultation. Fine Shadings & Décor serves all of Miami, FL, and the greater Miami area.