How to Incorporate Shutters into Your Living Room’s Décor

How to Incorporate Shutters into Your Living Room

Because of their bold design, it can occasionally be difficult to figure out how to incorporate plantation shutters into your home’s décor. They are always eye-catching, and for those of us with more understated senses of design, this can be a little worrying. This is particularly pressing when it comes to living rooms. These are the spaces we use to introduce people to our homes, and so we want to be sure that everything is well balanced. If you are worried about bringing plantation shutters into your living room, Fine Shadings & Décor of Miami, FL is here to help.

1. Determine the needs of your living room

All families and homeowners are different. Because of this, we are all going to need different things from the window treatments in our living rooms. If you have a home that has children or is host to a number of gatherings, you are going to want to make sure that your window treatments are durable, as they may be coming into contact with a lot of hands over the years. All of Hunter Douglas’s plantation shutters are exceptionally durable, but if you are worried about your shutters standing the test of time, we recommend choosing shutters that are made from a composite material or a synthetic material, as the oil from people’s hands can actually damage wood over time.

2. Consider your style

If your home is more formal in style, you aren’t going to want a breezy, whitewashed composite shutter. Similarly, if you are more laid-back, you likely wouldn’t want a richly-stained hardwood shutter. Just as with other aspects of interior design, make sure you are getting the plantation shutters that you think are the best fit for your home. Even if you love one type of shutter, it may not actually look balanced within your space.

3. Work with a professional

We all have our specialties. Luckily for you, our specialty is custom window treatments. If you are worried about finding the best window treatments for your home, place your trust in the experts here at Fine Shadings & Décor. Contact us or visit us at our showroom in Miami, FL today to get the perfect plantation shutters for your living room, or any room in your home.