Lifting Systems For Shades and Sheers

Lifting systems provide ease and convenience when adjusting your window treatments, as well as adding aesthetic value and safety for your children and pets. Choosing the right lifting system comes down to your needs and style preferences.

Traditional Cord Lifting Systems

Hunter Douglas offers the Ultra-Glide® lifting system on many of their products. This operating system uses a retractable cord mechanism to raise or lower the window treatment. The cord retracts into a fixed length when released. Pulling the cord toward the center releases the latch and the window treatment automatically lowers to the windowsill.

Continuous Cord Systems

The continuous cord loop lifting system offered by Hunter Douglas is EasyRise™. The single continuous cord loop eliminates the need for a dangling cord. The cord loop operates a clutch at the end of the window treatment and the clutch is anchored to the window at the bottom of the loop. To raise the blind, simply pull down on the front of the cord loop. To lower the blind, pull down on the rear of the cord loop.

Cordless Systems

LiteRise® is a cordless operating system that makes raising and lowering window treatments simple. Just push up to raise and pull down to lower. There are no cords, which gives the window treatment a clean, uncluttered look. Hunter Douglas’ proprietary design holds the window treatment securely in place so there is no need for constant readjusting. LiteRise® is ideal for homes in which child and pet safety is a concern.

Top Down/Bottom Up

The Top Down/Bottom Up lifting system is ideal for privacy while still letting in natural light. This distinctive concept allows the freedom to raise the bottom of your blinds while leaving the top extended or raise the top of your blinds while closing the bottom. Not only does this provide more specific coverage for sunlight control, as well as privacy, it is an efficient and fashionable way to upgrade the way you lift your windows and their appearance. Hunter Douglas offers the top down bottom up operating system that can be used with their line of Roman, Honeycomb, Cellular, and Woven Wood shades.

Motorized Systems

Motorized shades and blinds are the newest thing in window treatments as well as home automation. Motorized blinds such as PowerView® by Hunter Douglas can be programmed to automatically be opened when your alarm clock goes off in the morning or be synced with your home automation system to close when you leave your house. These treatments can be programmed to the exact position you desire, all by using an app on your smart phone or tablet. They can be installed in high, hard to reach windows and with the touch of a button, they can be opened or closed. For hard to reach windows and skylights, Hunter Douglas offers Simplicity™ and SkyLift™ options on most of their window treatment products.

If you have any questions about the right lifting systems for your home, contact the professionals at Fine Shadings & Decor for help making the right choice for your home. Serving Miami, Florida and the surrounding areas for over 25 years.