Plantation Shutters: Choosing Wood, Faux Wood or Hybrid

Plantation shutters add an elegance and style to any home decor. Before you make this important investment in your home, you should consider a few things, most importantly, the material your shutters will be constructed of.

Wood Shutters

Natural wood plantation shutters give a certain warm, earthy feel to your decor. Hunter Douglas offers the Heritance® line of natural hardwood shutters. They are made of real North American hardwoods, acquired by sustainable forestry methods. These shutters can be stained to match virtually any existing decor. Due to their strong, real wood construction, they offer excellent insulation, privacy and excellent protection of furniture and draperies from harsh sunlight when closed.

These plantation shutters are lightweight, long lasting and are available in a wide variety of size options, which is important to keep in mind when covering large or oversized windows. Due to the fact that they are made of real wood, they need to be cared for carefully with specific, gentle cleaners. Harsh sunlight in Miami needs to be considered before installing hard wood shutters as they can damage or fade in humid climates.

Faux Wood

Faux wood shutters look like natural wood shutters, but are made of a PVC or vinyl material. Hunter Douglas offers the Palm Beach™ line of plantation shutters. They are highly durable and will never warp, chip, peel, crack or discolor, regardless of moisture or prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight. The Palm Beach™ plantation shutters are available in the extremely durable DuraLux™ finish. This finish looks makes the faux shutter almost indistinguishable from a finely painted natural wood shutter, but is scratch and dent resistant, so they’ll never need to be sanded, stained or painted. Faux shutters are reinforced at major stress points with aluminum bracing inside. This adds strength and durability and keeps them from bowing and bending, especially over large windows. Palm Beach™ plantation shutters are moisture resistant and clean up is simple with water and mild soap.

Hybrid Shutters

Hybrid plantation style shutters combine the look of natural wood with the resilience of advanced modern day materials to create a classic and durable window covering, giving you the best of both worlds. Hunter Douglas has the value priced NewStyle® plantation shutters. The hybrid option allows you to enjoy high quality shutters at a more affordable price. The NewStyle® line of plantation shutters offers UltraGrain™, which is a grain like finish that replicates the look and grain pattern of natural hard wood. Care is as easy as dusting with a dry, soft cloth. There is an update to the NewStyle® collection called Finetech® which is a new, low luster finish that replicates the character of solid wood in gray, cream, and white colors to complement any decor as well as offering a new rectangular French door cut out option.

For questions or assistance in deciding which type of plantation shutters are right for your home, stop by Fine Shadings & Decor. Serving Miami, Florida and the surrounding areas, their experienced designers offer in-home consultations and after hours appointments for your convenience.