Plantation Shutters: Design Options

Plantation Shutters give a unique warmth and elegance to any home. They are available in a wide variety of materials, colors and designs to accommodate any home decor and offer many options for customization. Depending on where your plantation shutters are in your home, there may be a need for different ways to open or adjust them.

Operating Systems

A traditional front-mounted tilt bar is the standard on plantation shutters. The centered tilt bar is used to close the louvers up or down tightly against one another. Hunter Douglas also offers a rear mounted tilt bar, which is barely visible from the front of the shutter.

For the traditional look of plantation shutters on a standard window, the Hinged Panel design is probably what you’re looking for. This system hinges the panels to the frame or window opening. T-posts in the center of the window opening can be added to increase design options.

A bi-fold track option available on all Hunter Douglas shutter products allows for up six panels to be hinged together. Bypass track allows shutter panels to slide past each other on top tracks to open and close. Both track options are safe choices for doorways and ideal for sliding glass doors.

Uniquely Shaped Windows

If you have a uniquely shaped window, plantation shutters are the best answer. They can be custom made to fit almost any window size or shape, including circular windows, arches and angled windows.

French Doors

Plantation shutters are a great way to cover French doors. An advantage to plantation shutters on French doors over blinds is that blinds tend to sway and bang against the door as it opens and can even get caught in the door. Plantation shutters stay where they are. They work with any type of door handle by customizing cut outs to individual door handles.

Frame Styles

Lastly, the frame is important to consider as a finishing touch for plantation shutters. Some style options include inside and outside mounts, as well as decorative casings and trims.

For guidance in choosing the right type of plantation shutters for your home, contact the professionals at Fine Shadings & Decor. Serving Miami, Florida and the surrounding areas, their expert design consultants offer in-home consultations as well as after hours appointments for your convenience.