Types of Hunter Douglas Blinds

If it’s time for new window treatments in your Miami, Florida home, Hunter Douglas blinds from Fine Shadings & Décor may be just what you’re looking for. With the immense variety of styles and materials available, blinds easily fit into any décor.

Vertical Blinds

If you have sliding glass doors or extra-wide windows, vertical blinds are the perfect window treatment because they hang vertically and are easy to operate, despite their large size. They also provide UV protection for your furniture and flooring and come with a fantastic limited warranty.

Skyline®Skyline vertical blinds are unique because of their larger vanes, which measure 7 or 10 inches in width. They can be fabricated from materials ranging from almost translucent to opaque. The Alustra® line of these blinds come in the same material as some of the Roman shades and roller shades, making it easy to coordinate them with your standard windows. If you want a unique, modern look, give these blinds a try.

Somner® – If you like options, this line of vertical blinds is for you. They come in fabric, vinyl, and aluminum and can even be made to look like natural wood. If noise is a concern, select a material with the Softex® texturing, which helps to block out noise from the outdoors and improves the acoustics inside.

Cadence® - These vertical blinds are unique because of their shape. Rather than the traditional straight vanes, the vanes in these blinds have a curve to them that make them look like the folds of fabric. Don’t be fooled though, they are actually vinyl, which makes them easy to clean and more opaque than most fabrics.

Vertical Solutions® - For those of you who need to cover a large number of wide windows at one time, or if you’re more budget-conscious, Vertical Solutions are economical 3 ½ inch vertical blinds. You can get them in vinyl or fabric in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Horizontal Blinds in Miami, Florida

Horizontal blinds are the true workhorse of window treatments. They are flexible in their appearance, materials, and natural light and privacy options. They can also be adjusted with multiple operating systems.

Materials – You can have your custom horizontal blinds made with wood, aluminum, or faux wood. Wood blinds give a room a traditional look and provide a subtle pattern with its natural wood grain. They can be stained or painted. Aluminum blinds are more sleek and modern and are available in a variety of slat widths. Reveal® aluminum blinds are truly unique because their 2-inch slats collapse into pairs when open, doubling your view of the outdoors even with the blinds lowered. As their name implies, faux wood horizontal blinds look like wood but withstand heat and humidity better than their natural counterparts, making them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and sun rooms.

Operating systems – The traditional operating system for horizontal blinds is one set of cords to raise and lower the window covering and another set to tilt the slats. For those who don’t care for the long cords that results when the blind is raised, UltraGlide® has a retractable cord that stays the same length. If pets or children getting tangled in cords is a concern, consider the cordless options of SimpleLift®, LiteRise®, or motorized.

Overwhelmed by the options? Let the window fashion professionals at Fine Shadings & Décor help you make the right choice for your home. Owner Mike Castillo has been serving Miami, Florida and the surrounding areas for over 25 years.